About Us

Growing up close to the Mexican border in Arizona meant hot sauce and chilies were a condiment for every meal. Whether they were smoked over mesquite, pickled, grilled or made into a salsa, I needed chilies on EVERYTHING!

Fast forward to working as chef for over 13 years in NYC & Brooklyn* ..The addiction is still there. Working with the best ingredients and local sourcing was always a focus in creating delicious and responsibly prepared food and we make our sauces with the same mentality. Farmers are the hardest working people in the world and that's proven in the quality of the products every time. We source from local farms whenever possible and hand shop for each and every ingredient.  

*Union Square Cafe, Esca, Tia Pol, Al Di La, Ici, Montana's Trail House

Maturing as a chef led to simplifying things to the quality of ingredients and execution of technique. Fermentation became a mild obsession and essential way to developing unique and addicting flavors. The ancient technique of preservation is found in almost every culture and involves an intuitive science that has sustained us for thousands of years. The mix of science, history and incredible flavors keep me experimenting on these traditions every day.  Whether it was Kimchis, Kombucha, Jewish Deli pickles, Soured Corn, Sauerkraut, Koji Pickles, Vinegars....or just about ANYTHING! I needed it to be alive. This led us to making our hot sauces this way and going a step further by using charred whiskey barrel oak. This creates a smoky and complex flavor that we think sets our sauces apart. 

We source our oak from a local Brooklyn distillery that makes incredible Wormwood based spirits -Standard Wormwood Distillery . This heavily charred oak with the residual wormwood based alcohol are what gives our sauces a smoky and aged refinement that really brings out the best flavors of the peppers. 

Hot Fire sauces are all natural with NO Added - Sugars, Coloring Agents, Stabilizers or Vinegars. We thicken our sauces with organic Arrowroot (cassava starch) which also has natural stomach calming properties. Our sauces are naturally tangy and strangely addicting. 

Please enjoy Hot Fire on anything and everything ! 

-Eat Spicy-Live Longer-

Chef Nate


Hot Fire Foods LLC

Established in Queens, NY February 2017

Made in Long Island City